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Trending Tax Questions On Tax Return Canada.

What are the different types of income you can earn in Canada?

A Trending Tax Question! You can earn a salary which is employment income. Rental income can be earned by renting your home or property.  There are other incomes such as Capita; Gain, Dividend, Interest Income, Self-Employed income. You earn these incomes differently but most of the one listed above can be earned from investing. Capital gain is more favorable tax than the other incomes.

What are the best ways to pay down my liability?

A Trending Tax Question! Putting a plan in place is the best place to start. You can start with a budget and a current and a projected cash flow.  A good budget will identify your current monthly income and your current monthly liability.  Focus on paying down your higher interest rate liability such as credit card and loans. Once your liabilities are paid off stay away from using credit card and loan to purchase discretionary expenses. Once all liabilities are paid down you can focus on saving to build up your net worth.

What is my annual RRSP limit?

A Trending Tax Question! You can find out the amount of RRSP (Register Retirement Saving Plan) room you accumulate over the years by looking on your NOA (Notice of Assessment).  You received your NOA from CRA or you can log in to your MYCRA account to get access to this information. The other alternative to find out your RRSP room or contribution limit is to call  CRA.

How should you notify the CRA about your change of address?

A Trending Tax Question! The quickest and easiest ways to update your information with CRA is through MY CRA account.  If you do not have an MY CRA account, you should sign up for one today.  You will get access to your tax information and other important information such as benefits and credit you are currently receiving.

How do I pay my tax owing on time to avoided penalty?

A Trending Tax Question! You can pay your tax owing to how you pay any bills on your bank online banking. After filing your tax and identify the amount you have to pay in you can log in to your online banking and go to bill payment, search for “ CRA TAX OWING”, find and select the appropriate year, add your account number this is your SIN number. There are other +ways to pay your owing such as log in to your my CRA account and pay with a Credit Card, Master Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Interac, and many other options

How do I split my income to save on tax liability?

A Trending Tax Question! You will most likely want to talk with a professional about splitting of income amount your family. This can be achieved but it is more accurately completed by a professional who understands the procedure and process. Canada allows spousal to register retirement saving plan, splitting of employer pension income, CPP splitting and many other financial options to help reduce tax liability. It is important to understand your overall financial goals because focusing on reducing your tax liability may have an impact on another part of your goals.  Read more trending tax questions.

The Best Help Filing Your Income Tax

A Trending Tax Question! The best easy support you will receive is from the Canada revenue agency community Volunteer income tax program. If your income tax is simple and not complex then you may be able to walk into one of these locations offers by cra and get your simple return complete. This support is normally offered between February and April. Get more information at

How does the Canadian Tax system work?

A Trending Tax Questions! Canada has a progressive tax system. Every Canadian is required to file their income tax annually. Canadians can get their income tax completed with the help of an accountant or even with support from the Canada Revenue Agency. The Canadian tax system has different credit and deductions that can be avail to help reduce your taxable income. If these credits and deduction are used in an effective and responsible manner, they can sometimes lead to income reduction and tax saving. When you pay tax in Canada it helps to build and grow the Canadian economy. Learn more about Canada at

What is financial wellness?

This is being in control of your finance. You will earn this feeling once you are able to manage your cash-flow and control your spending. Money play a vital role in our lives and learning about it can make a difference in how we used it to maintain our lifestyle. How do you define financial wellness!!

Is my financial health affect my mental health?

If you are stress out about money this may have an impact on your family lifestyle, work performance and health over time. You do not have to do it by your self there is a lot of support and help available to provide guidance. How do I break my, spending habits? The ideal thing to do is looking from within reflect on your habits and behavior that costing you the most and gradually reduce these activities. One of the best ways to spent less to use a list when you are out and avoided impulse shopping.

How do I use my tax checklist?

Making sure you have all the receipt and slips you need to get your taxes done is important. Filing your tax is important within Canada. using a checklist to help gather your slips can help you reduce omission during filing. The first thing to do is Download the checklist from our website. Then used a marker or pen to highlight the slips and form you will be used to assist you with your filing this season. Gather all slips into one folder and put them in a central location so you can find them once you are ready to prepare your income tax. You will be organized and ready to file at any time. Some time it is important to also store electronic cop of you slips so you can retrieve a copy if needed in the future.

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